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Princess Little Prissy Missy

IGNORED while you pay this Bratty Little Princess

Hey there. I'm Missy. I'm new to NiteFlirt, but not to taking money from puppies that think they are men. Ask me about it. I don't charge an arm and a leg to listen to my life because it doesn't matter that much to me. If you need to peek in on whatever I am doing, go right ahead. For the most part you will be ignored while I enjoy my pedicure, manicure, lunch, dinner, movie, party planning, or even be cooking or whatever on YOUR dime. Should I choose to speak to you, you had best have something to offer me other than heavy breathing or trying to impress me with your dicklette. Money slave? Financial domination? Face sitting you while I count out your dough? Oh, it hurts so bad - because you love that filthy cash too much. How pathetic is that? Real pathetic. So pathetic that of course you should be forced to fork it over. While I squat on your face, slip the bills from your wallet, count it out, and spit in your face! Every bill I rip from your submissive paw is another slap in the face of your so-called manhood. You're a money masochist - the lowest form of sexual submission, whereby ripping you off is more exciting than smacking your face or caning your bottom. For a superficial yuppie penny-pinching wanker, nothing is more painful than the feel of the bills slipping like golden water through your misery fingers. Only a dominant woman like me knows how to humiliate you and degrade you for the worthless, soulfully impoverished jerk you really are ... so call me ... and pay ... by the minute. HA! This begins what will become an endless drain on your sissy maggot brain. Now: confess to me why you are so low, worthless, and helpless. If I am home and in a really good mood, I MIGHT let you see my cam, IF you sent a proper tribute.
pics of me & a bottle of wine