Phone Sex

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Dare to be entranced and enslaved by a Queen?

In my conventional job I work as a dancer, and I already get paid for my conversations -- sometimes quite a lot. Others always wonder how I do it, how I can draw hundreds out of a guy without him even being touched by me or seeing anything of my beautiful body. I soon enough found out the answer. I am naturally Dominant, and naturally able to control and entrance men -- both with my good looks and with my intelligence. I am manipulative, but still have a good heart and an accent I heard is quite popular. As I am a person I am down to earth, however, I am also a Queen -- and an Owner of multiple slaves. This means my time is precious. Hence I figured I would allow selected individuals who are willing to pay for my time the right to conversate with me personally and hear my voice.

This is the more expensive of my two lines, because I will give you some leeway to suggest subjects. On the other one you will talk with me about what I want to talk about. Here are the fascinating things, and sometimes even the steamy and sexy ones.

Talk with me, and suggest subjects -- I may or may not grant you the topics you wish to discuss, but at least here you have the option to go with me on subjects that I might otherwise never bring up. Want to have your mind blown? call me! Want to be told how I would punish you for an infraction? Call me! Curious about how I like to be pleased in bed? Call me! How about my adventure with an actual pornstar on my club's stage? Call me! Want to hear what it is like to be a Queen, and a ruling one at that? Call me! Just want to talk about the weather, not my preferance, but call me! We can talk politics, what is wrong with current society, sex, music, religion, exotic dancing or really anything.

However, I love to hear men beg, so you will be doing some begging for me in regards to what you wish to talk about :), and sometimes I might toss in a subject of my choice just because I can.

This line IS expensive, because my time is worth it, and I felt it was a nice and interesting way for my slaves, devotees and supplicants to tribute me -- rather then them merely hearing a recording of me laughing or some silly thing like that.

Haya Sierra----
Queen of the Confederacy