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Fallen Angel26

I deserve any way you see fit to punish me.

This Angel has fallen so badly , don't you think I need to be punished? Call me now and teach me how I should behave. Make me moan , beg , plead and cum while I beg you for mercy. I have really been a bad girl. Make me suck your cock , tie me down , fuck me hard. Or you can tell me what i have to do to myself...whatever you say..I MUST do. Don't you want to punish me??? Anything goes...nothing is too bad to make me do..I deserve any way you see fit to punish me. Ok so last night was kinda harsh........i mean i had to do sooo many nasty things to myself while all these guys were listening...they got together in a group and all put me on speakerphone.....and they all kept coming up with new punishments for me..............had me ducttape a vibrator that was TURNED ON inside my pussy while i did all kinds of things to myself...pinching my nipples...using clothespins...etc.......and when the vibrator started making me cummmmmm..they WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO TAKE IT OUT!!!!!I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA HAVE A SEIZURE i screamed sooo loud...and i could hear them all jacking off to my begging for mercy...BUT THEY HAD NONE!!! they made me take pictures of the vibrator in my pussy to prove it all..and send it to their email.......i BEGGED them to let me stop..but NO!!! they would not.......this punishment went on forever.....i thought they would stop...maybe they would run out of money..but since there were so many guys all paying for the one phone call..i was doomed.......and they kept CALLING BACK FOR MORE!!!! oh no ..i just realised..they will probably read this...and i will be punished alllll over againnnnn