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FUCK Me Like THE ONE that Got Away!!

Everyone has The One That GOt Away--- I want to Be her-- So you can FUCK ME once and for all.

The HOT girl in school that never looked your way
The Girlfriend that said you weren't good enough but took all your money
Just had a fight with the wife or girlfriend and her pussy is holding out on you?
The Ex-Wife that is screwing the Hell out of you--- Well! SCREW HER BACK!!!

Tell me the story. Vent, COmplain, tell me what happened and

I'll tell you I'm sorry!
I'll tell you I never should have Left you!
I'll tell you that YOU WERE RIGHT!

But it won't help-- You are going to make me SWALLOW your Huge cock till I gag ---FUCK The shit out of me anyway since I Never serviced your needs as a Man right in the first place....

Cum all Over my worthless Beautiful Lips, face, boobs, Butt, Pussy, Body that was rude to you. Just to see your cream on my body.

You're a MAN now with the NEEDS OF A MAN. You should have said _______________ and you should have told her you were gunna stick your dick in her ONE last time just so she would know what she was missing!

Yell, scream, cuss, vent, FUCK. I can take it baby.

Give it to me. I know I was wrong and I really REALLY Need your cock....I'll do anything........