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Sex Education Teacher and Oral Coach

Hello, my name is Tana. I am a Sex Education teacher, and I just love my job. I am very open minded and you can discuss anything with me, there is no need to be shy. But if you are, I can do all the talking.

I got my degree in physical education, but when it comes to my students, I specialize in sex ed. You'd be surprised at how many young men come to college without having a clue about how to please their girlfriends. Most of these guys couldn't find a clitoris on a map...but lucky for them, I take more of a "hands on" approach to learning: I let them put their hands--and whatever else they want--on me. You might say that I make sure that, by the time they finish my program, they're well acquainted with the "ins and outs" of sex.

I have an open door policy with all of my students. They can reach me anytime, day or night, with any sexual questions or even fantasies they might have. No topic is off-limits and I have heard some pretty kinky things and some very freaky fetishes. Quite frankly, it turns me on to hear about them. Sometimes I'll have one of my students come over for some extra credit...usually in the form of an oral presentation. I teach them exactly how to tease a to gently circle the clit with their to stay hard all night...and how to hit the g-spot just right to leave me sopping wet and soaked.

I always tell my classes not to be afraid to experiment and not to be afraid to ask questions. In my afterhour classes, there might be questions, but I see more raised cocks than raised hands and I'm always sure to tend to each one.

This week is their final. Each student will have a private final exam in my office. I'm really looking forward to it. Some of them are failing, but I always give even the worst students a chance to make it up. If I'm given an O, they won't get anything lower than a B.

I've had a lot of my former students come back to see me even after they've graduated and married, so I've started giving private lessons at my home and over the phone. I love what I do and I'm great at it. They say that "those who can't do, teach," but I am definitely the exception to that rule. I hope you'll call me. I promise you won't be disappointed that you've chosen to further YOUR education.

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