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Say Yes To Yessenia

Rule #1: Say yes to Yessenia.

Rule #1: Say yes to Yessenia.

That's the only answer that is acceptable. Soy una princesa hermosa. Translation: I am a beautiful Princess. I live in the Bronx and although I was not born in Puerto Rico, one of My parents were. Habla español pequeño. Translation: I speak little spanish. My dad married an African Queen, My mom and she taught him how to speak English during their dating and mating period. So I can speak a couple of words, sentences here and there. So don't expect Me to hold a convo with you. I am 24 years old and I can be a little devil. Push Me the wrong way and watch what happens to you.

I despise playing games with toys like you. Yes, I said toys, that's what you are. Remember you will NEVER mean anything to Me! This is MY world and you just live in it. Trust Me, I can pull the plug at any time, so your time MAY be up if you rub Me the wrong way. I am a demanding Princesa. I will not tolerate rudeness or being disrespected. Answer Me, "sí, Princesa Yessenia" "Yes, Princess Yessenia". Comprenda? Bueno....

I like to make toys into girls. I like to have you shave and wear frilly lace panties and tucking that tiny pene in them. I love when you whore yourself out to other men and you give blowjobs to them. From masculine to feminine is sooo much fun! I have many other fetishes, but this one is My favorite ask Me about what else turns Me on. I am pretty sure your tiny pene will start to leak.

Remember: Say yes to Yessenia