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Teen Jamie

So you want to be my little puppy?

So you think you have finially found the one
person that you want to control you? BABY....

I have mastered the skill of controlling men!

You are making a good choice by coming here! I will give you that.

. The one girl who you want to tell you what to wear, what to buy, even what to eat. Well, for me to give you all this attention, you must see the perks. I see it as this:

1) You might get to to say that "The Sinfull Craving Jamie" might take you on as her little playtoy.
2) You might get to talk to me again -providing you dont get blocked.
3) You might get to buy things that I will personally own, use or touch for my own personal enjoyment. And If I ever do ask, You better be ready. I dont like excuses. But I do take installments.
Giving me something- now that's pretty personal. I dont like people to get personal with me typically, but my little slaves get a sliver. AND THEY LEARN TO LIKE IT!

I do have an application. Please fill this out and dont take more than 1 week. You will be financial penalized if it is late. The late fee on this is $5.00 from the 7th day you buy it ( I give a week, because I do realize some of these wimps don't really know want, and most wouldnt know perfection if it was spelled out to them. The application fee is $25.00 and you will pay that upfront. No refunds. This is for my consideration to have a low-life like you be a part of my blessed life.

If you want to get on my good side, I suggest you click a tribute button from the very beginning. This will not only get my attention, but let me know your not as help ass as- the rest!

application button -$25.00

Tribute $ 120.00
1) Im not as stupid as you are.
2) I will find out who the ones out there
that are WORTHY TO SERVE ME! SO GO AWAY PUNK, BROKE ASSES! If your little worthless ass is reading this!

Im way to perfect for your eyes!

Well, well, if you have pushed a button, you have made a wise choice. The ones that doubled down are quite possibly not just the loosers of the world, but the loosers of the world with money! (which I love) The rest of you STAND IN LINE!!!!!!

((PAY to view)) My beauty you will worship 3 pics for 35.00 My pics you may view to only wish you can touch 3-$35
Show me your worthiness, wimp!

Your Heiness-Jaime
This is how I want you!Licking my ass!