Phone Sex

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My name is Miss Lena I call you my pet for now because you are my new plaything for the time being.
my goal is to control your cock your cum and your wallet.
My mission is to use you to satisfy my darkest desires.
It is your job to make me cum and make me happy by any means necessary.
As i give a fuck less how you come up with my money.

When you call me be ready to obey , and don't make me ask you questions.
tell me as soon as i say hello what it is you want and need in your little boring life.
Then I will decide if your worthy of speaking with me. and possibly if your lucky as hell someday, rest your head on the pillow beside me. Although you may be gagged and bound at the time.

And of course i would let all my young slutty girlfriends feast on your excuse for a cock. load $10.00 on your account , that is if your not a broke looser as well as a poor excuse for a man.

I trust that at some point in your life you did earn some cash. At first I am very friendly and desirable. a feast for the eyes with the body of a well groomed well fucked princess. I am from the islands and I am exotic in every sense of the word. You will worship me. No matter how much it hurts or cost. when you fuck up. And you will fuck up. I will punish you. I will bring the pain. Whatever your fetish, Nothing is taboo

I will give you 3 free minutes and then 4 more each time you call. call all human atm's,pay piggies all of you losers can call. I am very easy to talk to but also very stern. So feel free to enter my world and also allow me to completely dominate your mind as well as your wallet. Your fetish lies here for me to fulfill. Don't be a scared CUM WORSHIP!!!!!

You should be dialing and reading at the same time. I will not tolerate a slacker. You will do what I say and who I say, As my slavish pet you will do nothing without my permission. You will lick my boots and those of my other slaves as well. When I say beg you shall, When I say crawl you will. Turn you p.c off and contact your Mistress NOW. You will feel more pain then you knew you could revel in. I am your reason for loneliness. Alone you have been till I enslaved you. I have a very tight collar and even shorter leash.I'm counting your tongue lashes against my flesh at this very moment. Mistress commands you slave.