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Consider early 30s mature? Meet MISTRESS Robinson!

There are a few things you need to learn.

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First, REAL men consider women their Mother's age "mature". The point is that you're not here by accident. The point is,if you think over 30 means over the hill, I guess you've never seen Salma Hayak, Elizabeth Hurley, Rebecca Romijn, Jennifer Lopez, The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" video,Halle Berry, Uma Thurman (man! Talk about over the hill)any photos of Bettie Page from the 50s, Jennifer Garner. A longer list would take up all my text space & that was just for women in their 30s)! YOU obviously need a strong, sexy woman born before 1975 to teach you some lessons.

I'm not going to put down younger women--because that's something immature women do. Instead, I'll tell you a little about me, not to mention show.

I have supreme self-confidence. I've had the time and experience to finely hone my skills at teasing and controlling men. I know exactly how to wrap any heterosexual man around my pinkie within seconds of eye-contact, what drives men wild fastest, and how to let me tie him up. I've had since the mid-80s to work on my body, take care of it and pamper it and put every ounce of flesh exactly where it should be, toned, vivacious, firm, and built like a brick house. All that changes for a sexy, smart, talented (and modest!) female like me as the years go by is transforming from a sex kitten--though that inner sex kitten can be pulled out in a millisecond if it amuses me--into a sex bomb.

NEW!- tiny sexy lingerie for Me to wear when it gets hot outside...OR in. Feast you eyes on THIS!.

You may be young enough that any woman over 25 seems like an older woman to you... fine with me, because I love blowing inexperienced young men's minds. You may be my age or older and know what I know: with experience comes wisdom and more importantly, power. Age really is just a number, because sooner or later-you won't require as much training- every sexual being knows it is all about power. Speaking of power, here's a good time to tell you about myself...

I hate labels. I love seduction. I love power games. I love training men. I love taking innocence or reminding you of how it feels to have a dominant woman take it from you. I also have fun answering questions you have or relating experiences that have to do with my decade+ of lifestyle domination. I'm very confident in myself and my female power, and I'm just as confident that (if the past is any indicator) with every day that passes, my knowledge, knockout looks, and sexual power will continue to improve. In fact, that's a good reason for you to contact me now--because I am only going to get more dangerous.
Some types of play I especially enjoy and have experience with, both long distance AND in my personal, lifestyle relationships:

  • Chastity Training (long distance and and in lifestyle relationships) for men. My favorite device? The CB-2000.Can you think of a greater power to have over someone than having control of their orgasm? You do not cum unless I decide to let you cum.

  • Teasing a man on any level is an addiction for me but more, something I excel at. I glow all over even from something as simple as swinging my beautiful, toned legs out of my car, stepping out in a short dress or tight pants and bending slowly at the waist (I'm very fit and VERY flexible), reaching down and pretending to adjust the strap of my sky high pump•or stroking your hair in public like a good,loyal doggy to tying to tightly to your bed before I sleep in the nude with you, snuggled up against your body and pressing my warm body and smooth skin every part except for the place you need me to touch the most.
  • Cuckolding- which goes quite well with teasing and chastity! Forcing you to sit and watch how a real man pleases a woman...
  • Strap-ons, and training you to take my biggest one
  • Orgasm control,training, telling a man exactly how and when to touch himself.
  • Every manner of bondage and restraint imaginable!

  • About Domina: I learned early on that sex was power, and that often the greatest pleasure of that power came in the denial of it to a man I had tormented, tied, and teased.

    I have a magnificent body with an especially gorgeous ass and a stunningly beautiful face, as well as extreme sexual self-confidence. My face and body are a work of art, I know it, dress to show it off, and my supreme sexual self-confidence with the looks to back it up gives me an amazing


    and I use every ounce of this power to my advantage.

    I am the real thing.