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I am young and sexy this is true. I don't apologize for being cute. I have been spoiled all my life. Even when I was little I was taught that I was a princess.

If you are looking for a hot new princess to worship then check me out. I would love to be your smoking hot fetish princess. I am a lot more then just the girl next door.

I am very creative and intelligent. I seek to serve as well as be served. To be fully understand then dance of Dominance and Submission you must sample both sides. I find value in both sides. I seek not just to control you and I will control you, make no bones about that, but I also seek more. I seek to be used, not abuse. Used as your sexual puppet, one who gets the pleasure of multiple orgasms. I know, what a way to be used, but hey someone has to be on the end of that whipping post, it might as well be me. Make me cum until I pass out, I fucking love being used like that.

I also enjoy role plays and fantasies.
I can be your cheating girlfriend who brings home the cum for you to eat straight from my cunt. I might even bring over my lover for your to suck off.

I can be your wife's young friend who comes over to your house. I know you two are both swingers. I know that your wife has been seeing other men and that you approve of it. Now it is time for you to have some fun and I am just the toy you have been wanting to play with. We both want to have some wild hot fucking time together. You and I will fuck like restless hunters seeking out their prey. Two blood thirst animals ready to fuck.

I could be the family babysitter. I am there when you get home. Your wife came home to take the kids to their doctors appt., she did not have time to run me home too, she said you would do it. You had plan to come home and relax but now you have to go out of your way to take me home. I owe you now and you are going to make sure I pay you back for this ride.

I am just a girl here to have some fun and make some money. I do not want your home phone number to call you for free. I do not want to talk to you on yahoo. I am nice and sweet but I am not stupid, I do not want to meet you for sex or dinner. I do not want to go to work for you, on here or on another site. I do not want to join your group. I do not want to be talked down to or be the subject of your anger, say that for your wife.

I am only here to have fun, if your call is not fun, or you start getting to picky, then I am going to terminate the call. I will not get on my knees in the first 1 minute of the call. I am going to masturbate during the call, if you are worth it, you can stroke too. I want to cum and if you do too hey I am cool with that. I am going to have fun no matter what. I believe in the power of my pussy.

I hope you like what you read and you give me a call I am worth it.

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