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Gabriella Glory

I'm going to fuck your wallet so hard it hurts

You have some nerve even daring to click on My site link.

Why would you even consider for a moment that a Superior Goddess like Me would give a miniature-dicked pissant like you the time of day? you should hand over your wallet right now for even daring to dream of it!

you're already My little money piggy. you just might not realize it yet. The moment you entered My site listing, you became Mine. Everything you have, everything you ARE...belongs to Me and only Me. From your tiny, worthless dick (which you'd better NOT be touching right now. You haven't yet paid for the privilege of jacking off!) to your wallet. you have no say in the matter, so I don't want to hear any whining about it or begging for mercy. An insignificant loser like you should get on his knees and kiss My feet for the honor of belonging to a Queen like me.

Not that I'd let you kiss My feet. you don't even deserve a "hello" from My lips until you've paid handsomely for it. And if you try calling the Supreme Goddess before sacrificing properly on Her altar, you won't get it. you'll stay on the line while the minutes rack up, every last penny in your account going straight into Mine as MY DUE for allowing you to even listen while I go about My life, ignoring you like the worthless little bitch you are. Want to have the privilege of touching MY cock (get used to the fact that it's NOT yours anymore) ever again?? Either get used to blue balls or get a second job, My useless little piggy! I will never let you masturbate until you've paid the price, and even then, you might not be allowed to cum if it amuses Me to leave you hanging, begging uselessly.

you are worthless to Me unless you sacrifice. It doesn't matter how much money you make. You will suffer for My pleasure, My needs, My every little whim. Don't have enough money to pamper your Queen? Work overtime! Get another job! Put it on credit! Your only purpose in life, your only worth, is to GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. Think I give a damn if you have to eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every day for the rest of your pathetic little life to pay Me tribute?? Think again, limp dick. I'll be eating filet mignon and going on shopping sprees with your money. If you're My good little cash cow, you might even get to hear Me laugh at you before I scathingly humiliate you and make you buy Me something else, a treat usually reserved only for My most devoted money slaves who are paying dearly to go through My Financial Domination Training (details below).

The Goddess's Altar
It's time for your brutal wallet-fucking. So spread it (the wallet) open wide and take it like a (Pussy-whipped, inferior) man! This is going to hurt.

Pay it! you know you deserve it. Pissed off the Goddess lately? Click it until you're appropriately chastened!

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Think your wallet is big enough to handle My strict training program? I already know you're not man enough. you will pay Me for taking the time to consider your application, and if accepted into My program, you will hand over all details of your finances, assets, and earnings to ME. you will be placed on a very frugal budget so that you can support MY lifestyle. Make no mistake, you will suffer. And then you will thank Me profusely for allowing a pitiful excuse for a man like you to suffer for your Goddess.