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Mizstress Jane


You and I BOTH know that your a weak little slut, who's deepest, darkest desire is to be blackmailed. WE both know that you love the idea of losing TOTAL control and having someone make you dance like a monkey and make you do even more humiliating things to entwine yourself deeper don't we?? ROFL

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You're secretly hoping I'll make you whore yourself out, or perhaps suck some cock so you can earn money for ME, or wear women's clothing under your work clothing or in public. I will make you do things you will regret, but once your in MY web, there's no way of getting out!

As a warning to you - I NEVER EVER bluff! I have caused three divorces in the last few months,ruined countless relationships and have caused more then one guy to lose their jobs. The idiots didn't believe Me! Do NOT underestimate Me!

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