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Mizstress Jane


You know your nothing,but a pathetic little sissy bitch who will always have to pay to have the attention of a superior woman like me!

You WILL find ways to dig deep into your pockets and give ME money! Since you are such a peabrained idiot, here are some suggestions for you!!

Steal money from your wife's purse! Better yet, steal it from WORK!!!

Sell you faggot ass for me, open up a glory hole and suck for me!!!!

Cash in the college educations funds for me!! I'll be using this money for me me me!

Cash in your RRSP's so I can go to Cancun this fall!!! hahha seeing a trend here loserboy?

Think you need a morning coffee?
Skip it, it's going on MY Starbucks card so I get can the expensive Frappes I love!!!
Eating out?
Brown bag it! I'll be dining in five star resteraunts instead!
Gym membership?
Work out at home or run around the block. I'll be enjoying a person trainer!

These are just SOME of the ways you little piggie are going to save money so you can give it to ME instead!!!

You KNOW you'd never be able to afford the attention of a Goddess like me! I've got a VERY VERY short attention span and you have to pay ME to talk to me!!!It's the only way you'd ever get close to ME!

YOU better be ready and expecting to give me any personal information that I may ask for! I'm not screwing around with this! I do it for REAL!

I love doing this from work, collecting money from all my slutty little sissy cash piggies, laughing with my co workers at what I can do to YOU. IMAGINE A WHOLE OFFICE OF GIRLS LAUGHING AT YOU!!!!

Check out my wishlist and buy me a present you cheap bastard!
Open you wallet wide to speak to this GODDESS, and don't forget to say THANK YOU GODDESS for spending YOUR money!