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Skylers A Heartbreaker

Want To Know How Much I Care? -*Puts You On Hold*

Welcome To Your Wettest,Sweetest Dream...
And Your Worst Nightmare

This is very simple, even a dumbass like you can comprehend this...You call, I don't care, I put you on hold while I do whatever I to my friends, go shopping, look at tv, shower, SLEEP LOL. Think I'll have any sympathy for you? HAHAHA I don't think so!! I know you're a friggin loser,you're a nobody, you don't exist, therefore you deserve to be ingored. The most you'll get out of me is a "hello" if you're lucky!!

Attention! If you call this line you will be placed on hold!!

This is MY WORLD The only way you can exist and be acknowledged in my world is if you PAY ME!!! Otherwise, you mean nothing to me.

Look at me, do you actually think that I care about you? Only a real man can handle my beautiful body and we both know that you're NOT a real man!! And if you want me to know that you exist, show me the $$$!!! You've got to PAY to PLAY!!

Think I'm being mean? I AM!! I only donate my time to stupid cunts that can afford to pay for my attention! You're now in my world...Skyler's world...where I'm the Princess, the Bitch, the Goddess, the fucking Aphrodite! There's nothing that I can't have and that includes your wallet!!

**Your Sweetest Dream...My Voice**


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