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passion flower

I'm that cutie pie babysitter...

Hello! My name is Clara :) I'm a college student, looking for some fun in between all the studying I'm supposed to be doing. I recently changed my major, now I am a psychology student and would just love to have someone new to play with my mind. Maybe I could play with your head, too.

I am fond of parties and hanging out at the bar down the street from campus. I just love getting all dolled up for a night of drinking and dancing up against some cute guy. My roommate says I tease too much, but I always say that it isn't teasing if you end up giving a taste :)

I'm interested in all kinds of things. I love nature, hiking, walking, jogging, movies, most music, travel, reading, doodling little hearts in the margins of my notebooks. I plan on getting a PHD some day, but for now, I really just want to have a good time. I am open to talking about anything! So If I sound like someone you would like to get to know, please feel free to call me! I'd love to talk to you.

My friends tell me that I am too innocent. That I won't be able to handle your fantasies and I will be too shy. It's true that I am somewhat timid. But, I've been thinking about this and it's really kind of exciting. I had a really good time taking pictures for you, and thinking about getting calls from hot guys all the time is pretty awesome. I got a little nervous when we put my pics up for you, but Keen won't show naked pictures, so I'm not blushing that bad yet.
I did take some you know!


See, I'm not that shy all the time. I know a guy doesn't need a big fake boobied tramp to make him happy. I mean, sure, they look good - but I can tempt you with my looks and my charm. You want a young, sweet, interesting girl to talk to. One who is sincere and is interested in what you say! Even if
all you say is "oh baby, Clara you're so hot, ohhh"

I can get into that!! and a lot more too.

I am very sensual, soft. I really get into seduction.
Affectionate, I will never leave you frustrated. I will make sure your mind, body and soul get pampered with my totally unique perspective on what we can be doing.

You will be so surprised when I tell you all of my fantasies. I think I am pretty forward for my age. I haven't done much, but I want to. I have a real thirst for knowledge and experience and I need someone a little older to teach me everything I don't know.
I'm a good student, I learn fast. You only have to tell me once.

My sexual nature is very experimental, spontaneous, you might be able to talk me into anything, and I can't wait to hear what you have say. Nothing freaks me out, I'm very open minded about what you like.

if you tell me, I'll keep it a sexret. oops, secret!!

see, you're messing with my mind already! talk to you soon baby, I can't wait for you to call me!

*love Clara*