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Im Drunk and ready to humilate you

Ok this is not a normal hypo listing, this is only active after I have been partying at the bar and DRUNK and ready to make fun of your faggot ass. Be ready for slurred jock bashing and real laughing. Nothing is fake or scripted, making you my faggot slut makes me laugh. If this line is active, I am DRUNK. NOTE: No Hypnosis will be offered, if this line is active I will be shit faced drunk, I will make fun of your faggot ass, and I will not give a damn about any of your prior training. All you will get is Me, a drunk guy laughing and interrogating you. Expect ridicule, repeating what ever I make you say, forced information, and anything else I feel like making you do. I wont be doing any inductions, and I wont be doing personal training, all I will do is laugh at your silly fag ass as I drink. I will make you tell me all your dirty secrets, I will bash you for loving cock. I will make you realize how pathetic your really are.