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Beauty+Greed=Your Financial Demise

Well, well, well. What’s this I see before me? Oh, what a surprise, it’s a little snivelling bitchboy come to gaze at MY beauty. Well not today, sucker! Not ‘till you’ve proven what a good little boy you are and paid Me proper TRIBUTE! you think you can just look at a body like this and not pay for the honour? Guess again, retard!

I’m going to have you spending every penny you make on Me. I deserve the best, and I expect you fuckers to buy it all for Me! Face it, your pathetic little lives only have meaning because I’m in it; I am the only thing about you that elevates you above the level of common swine, and by the time I’m finished with you that’s what you’ll all be! MY pay piggies. From now on I expect you to work only so that I can spend your cash! You will eat, sleep, and breath only to keep ME spoiled and pampered. And when you’re left all poor and alone because you couldn’t keep the wife happy, then I’ll just drop you in the wastebin and move on to my next victim. *Hahaha*

If you’re ready to begin spoiling ME, then call now. NO CHEAP FUCKERS EITHER! I expect PROPER tributes, not the kind of pocket money you give your kid for the weekend. Any sluts found wasting my time will be dropped and never given a second chance. Be warned.