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Godde$$ Worship! Pay up little man




TO SEE MY OTHER LISTINGS AND RATINGS, CLICK ON GoddessJasmyn in the above left-hand corner...but make sure you call ME in the CORRECT CATEGORY, you don't want to piss me off!!!

I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM POWERFUL....what does that make ME????? A GODDESS....I AM PERFECT!!!!! What does that make you? nothing....Get it???? This means you MUST kneel before ME and worship ME; it also means you must honor ME and give offerings worthy of a GODDESS. ARE YOU READY LITTLE MAN???? This PRO DOMME has 10 years experience to make your sorry ass is ready!! 

Do you know how worthless you are because of your itty-bitty weenie? LOSER!

I will teach you to submit to the powers of the GODDESS and and fill your empty soul with MY POWER.

You mean absolutely nothing to ME. You are here to serve ME and pay MY bills. I am here to ignore long as I want.

I love to shop, go out with MY boyfriends (yes, I have more than one) and party. I also like to hang out at home and watch movies and listen to music. You can have the privilege of listening to ME while I do these things but the for the most part I will ignore you (If I'M in a good mood, I may talk to you).

You are a loser with money and I will happily engage in draining your wallet and dressing you like my Barbie Doll.

When you call ME, you are expected to give THE GODDESS a tribute:



If you want to see the rest of MY HOT GORGEOUS will have to PAY...I'm a bad-ass bitch with a hot body to match

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