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Devious Devotion time. Do it Now........

Welcome to the delightfully “devilicious” world of financial domination for unworthy loser boys.

Let’s start by making one thing explicitly clear: I get what I want when I want it, no questions asked.

Who’s going to give it to me? Why you, of course.

Perhaps you’re here because you seek the opportunity to be adored by a woman, if only for a fragment of a second.

Or maybe you understand the powers of a beautiful woman, and instead wish to reward my strength and unbridled sexuality as you know a pathetic little toy like you can achieve only at a deep, deep cost- and we’re not talking “emotionally”.

I deserve to be pampered, spoiled, worshiped, and adored.

My dominating nature started early as a spoiled little brat princess, and has led me to full blown control of men and their wallets; something I know that an unworthy cock led boy like you can understand.

You think I haven’t noticed the way little loser boys stare with their tongue hanging out of their mouths? You think I am unaware of my power with a twitch of the hips and a dirty little smirk?

I haven’t earned the title “Devilicious” because I'm sugar and spice and everything nice.

Whether you want to be intoxicated by my womanly wiles, or completely controlled by my cruel streak, I will offer you the profound satisfaction found only through servitude.

You will feel the privilege of financing a gorgeous woman’s lifestyle as I guide you into my world of female dominated perfection.

Sit back, pick up the phone, and prepare to drink in my flawlessness as you simply worship.

Or, even better yet..Rather than waste My time, simply select an amount below, click it and begin your painfully delicious journey now.

Why wait?


Extension 01368580

And for you "Drive-Buy" boys....

If I'm not available, email Me to set up a time to call, select "Arrange an Appointment", or choose the "Call back" selection..

As always..My wishes are your commands, My desires, your honor..

Show Me how worthy you are...Or would that much are you worth?

..For Entertainment/Fantasy purposes only..