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Sexual Pecking Order:The Powerful and the Pathetic

I believe in a pecking order that goes something like this:

Now, you can easily see my category, 'Submissive Women,' and even then there are men below me. As a rule, I do not submit to them, and only think I have ever met one submissive man/switch I was interested in and respected. Does this mean I will not have anything to do with them? Absolutely not. I will dominate them, in fact I find it quite amusing, but rarely sexually exciting. In fact, I find most submissive men rather pathetic and loathsome. They are always whiney, self loathing, and needy if not demanding little twits. If you think women are drama queens, try dealing with a submissive man. *shakes head*

So when I get a call from a 'Dom,' if I have any inkling they are not what they claim to be before the end of the call, they will be saying “Yes, Ma’am,” or will have hung up. It is their choice. I will do most anything to please a man, but I cannot submit to men below me in the pecking order. I just can’t.

Right now, I have a phone slave serving me. He fancied himself a 'Dominant,' but couldn’t cut it. The first time he called me, he pretended and failed because I called him on his ruse, so he hung up. As a result of his petulance, he was fined for his rudeness and once the fine was paid, he began serving me. I do not care if submissive men have a little, bitchy fit, but hanging up on me is certainly a huge no no, at least for them. Dominant men can feel free to hang up on me as soon as they are done using me, that turns me on.

Speaking of being turned on, I bet that particular slave is self-flagellating as he is reading this. It is so much fun being his weakness.

The point is, submissive women do not submit to anyone who has a dick. They submit to dominance and power, which, contrary to popular belief, is something most submissive women possess themselves. Just because one is born with a dick does not mean they deserve one.