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Are you 'Sissi-licious'? Call Me and we'll see..

Discovery and exploration of one's self and sexuality..

An exciting, exhilarating experience when minds are opened, feelings fully exposed, and guilt put aside....

When the time is right, the feelings are raw and a safe place is found, a person might find themself more apt to indulge in things they might not do ordinarily.

You've found the place; a place that you can be the real you, pet.

A place where you don't have to hide those naughty thoughts, where you can reveal those dark needs and desires...

This is a place where the toy chest can be opened, the lingerie drawn from the back of drawers where it's been hidden, where panties and lace and all of the frilly things that you've hungered to touch and feel and wear against your quivering body become a reality.

The place is here, the time is now to gather the lotions and oils, the lipsticks and wigs, any and all of the things that might trip your trigger.

Give Me a call..

I'll teach you ways to feel feminine, help you learn different ways to embrace and enjoy those desires and needs that fill you..

Whether it's to talk about these feelings, to play some of them out through dress up, or to discuss a particular fantasy that has you in it's grips, I'm open to it.

Perhaps you need help in accessories, make up and jewels..

Then again, maybe you've gotten very good at these things and simply wish to dress up and talk some girl talk.

Orr....perhaps you have a desire to do a little dildo training, or you've discovered a hunger for the real deal..

Whether it be with your mouth, or other things, we can accomplish quite a bit..*wink*

Sessions may include, but are not limited to:

sissy maids, panty boys, sissy training, repressed sluts, and bi-sexuality..

C'mon, darlin'..let's chat..

Extension 01219192

For you slutlings that love cock, but just won't admit it yet..*smirk*

*Special requests concerning recordings will be taken into consideration. Email Me and let Me know what's on your naughty minds...

If I'm not available, email Me to set up a time to call, select "Arrange an Appointment", or choose the "Call back" selection..

..For Entertainment/Fantasy purposes only..