Phone Sex

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Shut Up & Suffer! - Ignore Line (Taboos OK)

Low impact worship opportunity for the lowest of losers!
You can be like most who have called this line and not leave any feedback, after all...what could there really be to say? Oh yeah, and it's not like anyone gives a fuck what you think anyway!

A: Wouldn't you like to know?
So pretend you're kneeling at my perfectly pedicured feet, on all fours beside me serving as furniture, or perhaps a candleholder with a nice 12" taper wedged in that
If that's too tame for you, get as taboo as you like in your dirty little mind. I really don't care WHAT you imagine, as we will NOT be talking about it.

This is a no-frills listing because you just aren't worth the trouble to dress it up.

No matter how small you imagine yourself, the bottom line is're too insignificant to be noticed or acknowledged by someone like Me.

If you call this line, this is what to expect:

EXPECT NOTHING! If you are lucky, when I answer the call, I may speak to you long enough to call you some petty little pig name, and promptly place you on HOLD or just set the phone down. You are just too inconsequential and I already know you have absolutely nothing of interest or value to say.

Unless my tv is on, there is no music to listen to, no recording to keep you company - it will just be you and your quiet desperation. There, there, it's not so bad...the two of you are already well acquainted!

LUCKILY FOR YOU - There is no pressure to perform or try to please me - I think we both know how horrendously terrifying that would be for a man as useless and puny as you.

1-800-TO-FLIRT ext 01147384

[The recorded listing below is temporarily offline]

Not sure I genuinely know the kind of slug you are? Call my Absolute Abuse Humiliation Line and see for yourself. 3 minutes of pure hell for just $2.69 per minute!

1-800-TO-FLIRT ext 0897594


Get your very own copy of my simulated ignore call. Listen at your own convenience, loop it and I will ignore you all Just $9.99!

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