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Who can resist a man that is well endowed? Obviously this 40 year old MILF certainly can't. I found that out and my husband had to suffer for it. Or did he? The less interested I became in having sex with him, the more aroused he seemed to become. I would tease and taunt him, about how he did not satisfy me, and how I needed more. His face would turn red, but the tent in his pants seemed to indicate something else was happening. I was totally bored and looking for a diversion, specifically men with bigger cocks.

  I would laugh and make my husband do embarrassing things for me, and, in front of my friends. Once I even had him go to Victoria's Secret and get panties and wear them out of the store. When he came home, unsuspecting to him, he was greeted by my three girlfriends waiting for his return. They laughed hysterically as I unzipped his pants, and showed them what I had made him do.

  He thought by doing as he was told, that I would have sex with him, But that was not the case at all. In fact, that night, as we were in bed, I let him start to suck my nipples. He was rubbing my tummy and sucking on my nipples, when just then the door opened, and in walked another man. This was the beginning of his submission to me. I let he see me with another man. I had my husband sit to the side of the bed and watch. He did so in astonishment, but seemed to love every second of it. I could see that he knew that this was the beginning of me taking total control over him.

  I rarely have sex with my husband, if at all, At best, I let him masturbate for me, he sits in front of a mirror, I get behind him, and I play with his nipples and squeeze his balls. My husband has told me that he now prefers masturbating to having sex. So I can see that my training is working.  

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