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I'm looking for a few good men.

Hi! I'm Dilynne. I just turned 19 and will be attending college in the Fall. I'm currently enrolling a few good men into my bootcamp program. Are you one of the few, one of the proud? If so, read on.

You, no longer exist. You, are just a number, and will be treated as such. The higher your "number" the bigger your rank. The more you spend, the more you submit into the total institution that I am.

You will be stripped of your identity, you'll be part of the Dilynne corps. You will act together with other grunts to protect and serve me. You will protect and serve me in ways you have never been asked to serve another. You will not think. You will just perform, your very existence depends on it. Those who hesitate will falter. Those who think for themselves will fail. I will make you into the little cash cow that you have been dying to become. This is why you exist, to serve and sacrifice for me.

As a member of the Dilynne Squad your sense of responsibility will be recreated. Before you were taught to provide for your wife, provide for your kids, give to the poor, and save your money. Bullshit! You don't want to play by those rules anymore, which is why you enrolled into my program. I will teach you how to successfully ignore those other fake responsibilities. I will show you that true happiness comes from giving all of your money and time to me. you will be Obsessed with the sound of my voice - will wait impatiently for my orders for more and more and more - and will achieve mental orgasms when you click on my tribute buttons. I can never get enough...of your money! HAHA! Soon you will be free from all earthly obligations and seek to enroll in a heavenly one - one that will take from you with out guilt and remorse. You will grow hard at the knowledge that I am taking away from the leaches who desire nothing than to soak up your soul. In my bootcamp you will become the ultimate soldier, and I will become the drill sergeant who loves milking your titties dry.

I'm looking for a few good men. Can you handle that?