Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I'm a sweet, sultry vixen living alone with an unsatiable longing for sex, deliquence, and absolutely everything inbetween.

I'm 20 years old and have had many delicious sexual experiences. I'm also a switch girl, so I can be a sweet submissive girl; a perfect little darling, the object of your wet and sadistic desires. But that doesn't mean I don't know how to put a pathetic wurm in his place.

I have many many different likings and would be very happy to talk about any of yours. I love open minded people with a flair for taboo.

Sensual, sleek, provocative...

Roleplay is one of my specialties; I love everything about a roleplay that sucks me in and allows me to luxuriate in the detail about the scenario we've chosen. Feel free to write or call about a RolePlay you'd like to do; I love discussing new ideas.

Lonely young housewife
Virginal little lass
Naive cheerleader / babysitter
Bitchy female coworker or Boss
That elusively lovely and mysterious stranger at a party..
sexy neighbour girl you catch home alone
that dominant, sexy vixen you've been drooling over forever that finally just takes control one day.

You can see the literally endless possibilities, yes?

And BONUS points for you if you can offer me up a scenario that's bold, erotic, and new to me. As I've said, I adore new ideas. Try me, you may be surprised.

So go on, call me, don't be afraid. I'll only hurt you if you beg properly for it.