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Stroke, BEG, stroke, BEG, whimper, cry, STROKE!T&D

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Hey guys! I'm Nikki, a redheaded sweetie who LOVES to do phone. I'm a real girl who has real likes and dislikes. You can find out anything you'd ever want to know by clicking the links above and surfing to my website!

I'm not a typical "mistress", so please don't call me that when you call. Just call me Nikki, or if you must give me a title, go with "Goddess". I'm not really into hearing you whimper about what a loser you are or making you put clothes pins on your balls or tying your dick to your leg. *giggles* What I AM into is hearing you BEG me to cum.

I want to hear the desperation in your voice as you hover right on the edge. I want to hear you teeter on the brink of insanity as I tell you to back away ONE MORE TIME. You'll love to hate me before our call is over, but you'll be desperately addicted to me all the same. And why is that?

Because I love it. I love teasing you. I LOVE hearing you cum and knowing that it's one of the best orgasms of your life because you were able to hold out for so long. You'll be able to hear the pleasure in my silky sweet voice as I bring you to the edge and finally over it. Give me a call and find out why hundreds of guys say I'm their favorite.