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Lady Sadie

Diamonds Are A Bitch's Best Friend

Men are good for only two things: Giving ME what I want and giving Me more of what I want. Everything you own, earn, or posses belongs to Me due to the simple fact that I OWN you, and without Me, you are nothing. I give you a purpose, and that purpose is to PLEASE ME. You are instructed to call Me in order to learn and memorize the desires of your Mistress, the pleasures of your Mistress, and the expectations your Mistress has for you. Your worth will be measured in many, many ways, but especially in how selflessly you give to your Mistress. I will train you in the art of servitude, starting with your bank account. I know you are ready to give, and I am always expecting to receive. You will call Me now, and begin expressing your willingness to do as told, without hesitation, without question, and, as always, without end.