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Jane Doe Is A Ho

Yes, it's true. . . all that and more. . .

. . . it was scrawled across my locker, not too long ago. . . in big black permanent marker!

It's not nice - or fair - but, perhaps, it's true.

I did a photo shoot just for this gig, and most of the pictures are just *unfit* by Niteflirt standards.

Don't worry, I'll soon have a separate webpage where you can get them very easily - all of 'em - if you want!

Me? yeah, okay, let's get back to that whole "whore" thing. I just think I'm open-minded and like to make other people happy.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Will I do anything - anywhere - with anyone?

Well, I do have standards. But I'm not picky about stupid stuff. Like I have friends who are sissies and we love to play dress-up together and go shopping. Do I care if I date a guy with a small cock? Well, ummm, sometimes. It depends. Some guys with small cocks are really good with them. . . and some guys just like to be humiliated.

I know, I'm young. . . but I'm definitely not clueless! I'm living life on the wild side, enjoying the ride, and experiencing everything I can before I get old and grey!

Yes, I am a ho, or a whore. I love sex, am open-minded, and very experimental.