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Sadistic, bratty Goddess Lilith.

you're probably not worthy of talking to Me. I am a worldwide traveling professional Dominant, sadistic Scorpio Princess, METAL GODDESS, and published fetish model.

Do your homework and I'm more likely to be pleased with you.

Whether you want to grovel at My feet in real time, or simply fantasize from afar, this is where it all begins.

your life is nothing. Especially compared to Mine. But you can make yours more exciting, by serving and entertaining Me. When you're in My world, you will follow My commands, meet My desires, and know that your only purpose in your insignificant little life, is to make ME happy. That could come in many forms... maybe I'll make you dress up like a little slut and watch you parade around on webcam in whoreish makeup....maybe I'll give you a secret assignment to complete for your humiliation, describe in detail how hot My REAL man's dick is while yours is pathetically tiny, or maybe I'll just drain your fucking wallet and pamper Myself with your money. IF you're a very lucky little peon, maybe I'll even allow you a chance into R/T servitude. If you show promise, you could one day become My completely-owned property..... but first, you please Me with tribute, obedience, and honor. Furthermore, you will speak with the utmost sincerity and respect at ALL times or you will be dismissed promptly. Here's the direct link to My AMAZON WISHLIST to aid you in getting in My good graces:
My Wish List

Aside from My Dominant nature, I am quite simply, an incredible, amazing, kickass fuckin' Goddess with a glamorous lifestyle. you'd be lucky to be a part of My world. Maybe you'd like to hear about My travels and experiences as a Domme. Perhaps you want to know how I like My feet to be massaged... maybe you just need to spill your perverted little guts. Whatever is on your simple little mind, as long as you are aware of your place as a bottom-feeding little bitch, you may tell Me.

Speak with the Goddess and Become intoxicated by My sweet poison.

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