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The ORIGINAL Just TALKING listing.

. NOTICE: Please don't mumble when on the phone with me, or if you do please do not be offended if I need to ask you to speak up or speak more clearly, I am not good at understanding mumbling.
Hello. My name is Donna. Do you need advice or just someone to talk to? Feel free to call me. This line is NOT for phone sex, but we CAN discuss sexual things. Callers who ask to talk about topics that are banned by the Niteflirt Terms of Service will be hung up on and reported and blocked . ( my own personal restriction for on this line is that you are not allowed to be masturbating while talking on this line with me if you do i'll tell you to call a different listing )... I am a very open minded and quite experienced individual. I am more than willing to discuss both platonic topics as well as provide an informed point of view if you are looking for advice regarding relationships or sex. I am a good listener and always happy to get to know new people. I am both reasonably open minded and extremely honest, and I love to chat. I don't know EVERYTHING nor am I a mind reader and if you have a question (or if you have a dilemma you want advice about) and I don't know enough about whatever the topic is then I will say so and I will not waste your time.
If you DO want phone sex (or to discus MY preferences while you are jerking off) please call one of my other listings if I have them turned on or call someone else if my phone sex type listings are not available to call.
We can talk about whatever you feel like talking about as long as you follow the rules and dont jerk off while calling THIS listing. Even if you want to talk about your hobbies like reading or computer games then I'm all for it. If you want advice on sex or what to do in the bedroom or advice on how to please your partner, I will do my best help you out there, or I can just be a friend for you to tell your problems to and bounce ideas off of, someone for you to confess all your deepest secrets to without having to worry about what will happen. Also,though I am NOT a licensed therapist I do have a lot of life experience and am almost compulsive about researching things, and have spent most of my life trying to learn about as much as i could about the many facets of human nature ( I am also not any other type of medical or psychiatric professional) I have had multiple friends who WERE psychologists and psychiatrists who had suggested that I should go to school and work in the psychology field , but personally I think i'm a bit TOO rational and strait forward for that to work out in the long run as a profession for me since a lot of people who go to psychiatrists and psychologist don't want to hear the plain truth.
Although I accept and understand that some people are aroused by intelligent conversations about their desires I do not offer explicitly erotic conversations on this line. Be warned though, I will speak my mind and I will give you my honest opinion.
If you ask my advice about something you are doing where you are taking an unnecessary risk (like having oral sex, or any other kind of sex, without protection for example) I will inquire to make sure you realize what you are doing and understand the risks and will briefly explain how to be safer before giving other advice. (if you still want to be unsafe once I'm sure you know the risks you are taking then thats your choice and I dont care but unfortunately MANY people are not as well informed as they think they are and if I can help someone be more informed so that they can be safer if they want to be then thats a good thing.
Also, I WILL hang up on and block any callers who are disrespectful of me, also if I can tell that you are jerking off to THIS listing and you dont have my permission to you will also be blocked from ever calling ANY of my listings again. I am not an idiot so dont think you can jerk off while talking on this line without me knowing... I've listened to MANY men while they were jerking off which means i know what to listen for.
Also, don't call me wanting to talk about things that Niteflirt does not allow and then leave negative feedback after ending up being blocked, I will NOT discuss prohibited topics and throwing a fit and leaving bad feedback because you got blocked for rule breaking is just pitiful.
I just turned 30 on February 23rd. Click here to view my wish list.