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Phone Sex

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Katie Kisses

Think about it a lot, ready for more!


 I'm Katie.  I'm a pretty average girl.  I go to school, talk to my friends, listen to music and watch television.

I also masturbate a lot.  I guess it's natural at my age.  I just can't seem to stop thinking about sex.  I know a little about it - I'm not a virgin or anything.  I've had a couple of boyfriends, fooled around a little, and I liked it a lot.  Now I keep thinking about it. 

I LOVE oral sex - having my boyfriend licking and sucking my clit while he pushed his fingers into me?  It made me so hot and ready for his big hard cock as it pushed it.  Sometimes I'd cum on the first stroke, I'd be so ready.  I loved having his fat cock in my mouth, too, all thick and hard, loved the taste when he came.

I guess you could say I've really just started to explore my sexuality.  I thought this would be a great way to talk to a lot of different guys, hear what THEY like, what they want, how they like to fuck.

I had one of my girlfriends take these pictures of me with her new digital camera during a sleepover.  I think she enjoyed it a lot.  After we turned out the lights, I could see her hand moving under the covers, rubbing her pussy, and I just had to do the same thing.  I think I found one more thing I like a lot.