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I am such an anal whore. I love fingering my ass infront of you, loosinging it for that huge head of yours. I love screaming as you cram every fucking inch inside my dirty little hole. I crave a nice thick dick up my ass. Don't make me beg, cause I have no shame. I will push my ass up in the air and beg and plead for you to fuck it.

Name: Rebecca, but you can call me Becca

Location:Tacoma, WA

Birthdate: June 1, 1985

Stats: 5'3 98 lbs 30 b cup size three

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Movie: Breakfast At Tiffanys

Favorite Actress: Audrey Hepburn/Sandra Bullock

Favorite Actors: Carey Grant/Brendan Frasier

Favorite Car: Mini Coop

Favorite Sexual Position: On Top

Favorite Animal: German Shepard

Favorite Book: Gone With The Wind

Favorite TV Series: Most Haunted


Hi guys!!! I'm Becca, you're favorite brat. No, really, I may sound nice and all, but I really am a brat, well and Army brat to be more precise. I grew up with my father in the military play with all the GI'

I love to be naughty and I love to role play, I won't say no to any kind of role play you have. Mind you, I have a really sweet voice, so the more dominating roles are hard for me to pull off. I will try my best, that I promise you, plus you may like my innocent voice making you my bitch.

No Taboos...anything goes. I love pushing the envelope. I will never say no to any kind of fetish. I love sex. Im the perfect fuck toy. I love to use my imagination; I have for a very long time. I used to pretend I was a princess or a fairy. I would pretend I was the damsel in distress, waiting for my prince to come rescue me. Nowadays, my imagination is a little more erotic. I still like to pretend I'm the damsel in distress but now, I'm not waiting for the prince to rescue me....I'm enjoying the distress. I have a closet full of dress up clothes for erotic play...from nurse to domme...from maid to ...well, princess. I have an imagination that rivals most muses.

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