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It's sad isn't it? How you're such a pathetic loser that you have to pay to have girls like me even talk to you. We see you.. in the grocer's.. at the gas station.. in your lawn, watering your yard as we pass by.. We see you and we know you're watching our beautiful asses and you're wondering how it would look bared.. ready for your cock.. AND we know you'll never get the chance to experience it. So we wiggle a little more, we toss our hair a little more often. Our backs arch to show of our young firm breasts.. which you will never touch. And we smile at you.. such sweet inviting smiles.. that we never intend to follow up on. We'll hint at pleasure and tease you with the knowledge that we know you want us. But we'll never allow you the pleasure of our bodies; we'd be offended if you even dared suggesting that you'd be worthy of our warm succulant lips on your small meaningless cock.

I, and women like me.. perfect.. beautiful.. young.. HOT.. women.. we talk about men like you. Loser men with little dicks and even smaller self-esteem. We laugh over Cointreau Martinis as we discuss your longing gazes. How your eyes never seem to make it above looking at our hard nipples through the material of our blouses. We'll never fuck you. Besides, you don't have enough cock to satisfy us anyway.. do you, loser?..

But I'll tease you.. I'll lead you on.. even as I laugh at you. I'll promise to follow through while I reach into your wallet.. I'll let you pay my bills.. and pretend I care about you.. all while I'm gathering information.. to use in time.. for when you tire of my false promises of access to the promised land of my sweet hot pussy.. so I can threaten you with my knowledge.. to keep you paying my bills..

We can't have everyone knowing you have to pay women to get them to talk to you, now can we? Better pay up, loser.

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