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Sister of no Mercy

Training for those who need it most ie you fuckwit

FINALLY a possible use for you!

I'm a naturally dominant Irish girl (yes I live in Ireland now and yes I have an Irish accent so don't waste My time asking again, ok?) and believe Me I don't take any shit. Don't ring Me and expect Me to put up with your pleading and whining...that's not how it works. Don't ring Me and expect Me to "orgasm" down the phone for you haha - as if you could make any woman orgasm let alone Me! See, (and this should be really easy for you to understand) I don't want to know what turns you on, I don't give a shit how your day went...face it, you're a piece of shit and I get My kicks from telling you that and much much more. Don't waste your breath asking Me for tit shots or anything else equally as juvenile... go find yourself a dumb piece of fluff and wank off over that because you sure as hell aren't getting any here. You're not a real man, contrary to what you might think, you are there for My amusement and when you cease to amuse me I will have no purpose for you. I get My kicks from turning you into the fucking sideshow you deserve to be. Want Me to watch you on cam as W/we talk on the phone - ask Me, you never know your luck!

$20 Penalty
$20penalty for thinking with your cock
$50 Penalty
$50 admission of being a pathetic worm fee
$100 Penalty
$100 Irish ass kisser fee