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Julie:Mature Blondes Have More Fun!

Do you ever get tired of those really high pitched squeaky little voices some girls have? Ever wonder how old they are and how much sexual experience they have REALLY had? Wonder if they've changed their voices to sound girlish or young? Me too, lol. If you're with me this far, then you probably don't like a lot of fake moaning, either. Am I right?

I wonder if you ever crave the voice and the intelligence of a mature woman. A real woman, who's lived long enough to know what she wants, and how to get it.

You always know her when you see her. It is not a specific age she is, but more a confidence and a complete sexuality about her; a feeling you get from looking at her beautiful ripe body that she can please a man any way he wants to be pleased; she is also capable of having interesting and intelligent conversation before, during, or after sex. You see how her eyes lock with yours and she never blushes or turns away from your hot stare or your hard cock. No way....not this mature lady.

I'm Julie. I'm mature. I'm also far more lovely than I ever was in my twenties, even though some people still worship youth in a woman. In Europe, men appreciate a more mature woman and she is considered very desirable. My voice is not high pitched and innocent, and I laugh instead of giggling nervously. Men don't make me nervous at all. I love men. I always have, and in many many ways. I can suck your hard cock dry like no girl ever could, and I can show you how to please me. I'm imaginative and I love roleplaying. Nothing you tell me will shock me or make me judge you, ever. You may not know exactly why you are drawn to a woman who is a little more mature, such as myself. But that isn't important. You are here now, so let me please you like no college girl ever could. Who knows, we might even learn something from each other, or have an interesting conversation. I believe in pleasing you first, so call me. Don't waste your time on the illusion of perfection youth brings; I have so much more to offer! Call me.....and if you want to see more, purchase a goody bag!