Phone Sex

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Drops of Liquid Sex

Are you WORTHY enough to serve Mistress Somarah??

If you answer YES to one or more of the questions below, then you MIGHT be worthy enough to become My little FUCKTOY and receive a good HARD ramming from your Mistress Somarah!!

Do you CRAVE being made to:
  • ~~~BEG Me to call you all those nasty names that you so deserve?
  • ~~~Suck on My strapon?
  • ~~~FUCK yourself with your toyz?
  • ~~~Listen to My words telling you that you'll NEVER please Me the way a real man can?
  • ~~~Hear Me and My friends laugh and giggle at you?
  • ~~~Be sandwiched between Me and My girlfriends, (or boyfriends *giggles*)
  • ~~~Feel UNWORTHY of anything other than sucking and being fucked?
  • ~~~DRAIN your bank account for the privilege of serving Me?
  • DO obey and call your Mistress Somarah to be taught all the things you need to know to become My "Favorite" FUCKTOY !!!!

    DON'T send Me an email asking what it is you need to be taught to become Mine. This IS a "phone"sex site afterall.

    DO make sure there are enough funds in your account to place your call with Me. I hate being interrupted while you add money.

    DON'T call expecting to get your pathethic worm off in the first 3 minutes. If you do, I WILL block you.

    DO plan on spending a minimum of 15 minutes with Me the first time you call. From thereon, well, that all depends on how much you impress Me on the first call and what kind of feedback you leave for Me.

    If you're not ready to TOTALLY submit to Me or to COMPLETELY worship your Goddess, then move on to someone else. I can't be bothered with you.

    Otherwise either


  • WORSHIP Me!! $20.00
  • WORSHIP Me MORE!!! $50.00
  • WORSHIP Me even MORE!!!! $100.00
  • WORSHIP Me. ~ Pay My rent!!!!! ~ $500.00

  • (This will earn you a live cam show of either Me and My toys. OR Me fucking Lover with My Strapon.)

    And NEVER forget to leave feedback for Me. I know it will ALWAYS be 5 stars!!!