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Lesbian Princess Amanda

Girly & Bratty Princess Amanda teases and uses you

Latest News: I'm taking calls several days a month, by appointment only. You will contact me in advance or I won't make my listing live. You will pay me $7.50/min for the call, to show me how grateful you are to speak with me. In the meantime, you should buy my recordings and picture sets, so that you can join the throngs of pathetic men who want to get inside my pretty panties.

"I like when you want me. I love saying 'no' even more."
-Princess Amanda

My name is Princess Amanda, and if you absolutely must speak to me, you may call me Princess. I would prefer if you didn’t speak at all, though. I could be using your tongue and lips for so many other, more productive things. My cute shoes. My long fingers. The well-used slits of my favorite girls. The possibilities are endless!

I’m a tall, girly and very bratty Princess who loves attention almost as much as I love to reject pathetic boys. Drool and whimper. Boys are the bubblegum beneath my shoes. Ultra annoying! But fun to tease and humiliate. Nothing makes me wetter than telling a boy no. Well, almost nothing.

What I really like to do is to snare and entrap the girls you love, your girlfriends, wives and even your cute, older sisters. You’ll never get into my panties, but if you pay enough, either through begging, through your wallet, or with your delicious female friends, I might let you watch as I turn them into my cute little fuck toys. If you’re a really good boy, I might even let you clean them up! Start begging now, loser.

I also have a few boys who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to be my personal pleasure pets. I cage their cocks and throw away the key. From then on, they speak, dress, and act like the new little fuck sluts they’ve become. Never receiving pleasure, they become the toys I pass out at my play parties, the dumb, easy “girls” who would do anything to humiliate themselves for my amusement.

If you think you have what it takes to live in high heels, get in touch. I have room in my slave stables for a few eager “girls.” Show me how much you want it. Beg for it like a whore. Believe me when I say you’ll be doing a lot of that from now on.

Oh, and if you’re just a dumb, pathetic boy who loves to be rejected, lick your way over to my dirty shoes. You better bring your wallet with you, because I demand to be spoiled. Shopping trips buy you bondage and humiliation. Your tiny leaking cock might get you a free ride all over my shiny, sexy shoes. Beware: I’ll hold you responsible for all the clean-up. The thought makes me giggle, and believe me when I say that it sounds both cute and evil!

I also have some fictional recordings under an alternate Niteflirt identity Miss Emily's Slavegirl. Those recordings come from the point of view of another character, also named Amanda, who I adore playing. She's a lesbian, with a girlfriend, who gets tricked by Miss Emily into becoming a cock-serving whore. In case you end up wondering who Miss Emily is based on, the answer is: Me, Me, Me!

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