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Sexual Confessional

Think she's cheating? - Upset? Turned on?


Do you think your woman may be cheating?

Has she started going "out" more with the girls? Has she started dressing in a more revealing manner? Maybe she no longer communicates with you the way she used to. Is she wanting you to take a more... "feminine" role in the relationship? Has she been telling you she needs more in the endowment department than you can provide?

There are many signs you can look out for.

Perhaps you are in denial when it comes to the love of your life. This is understandable; love does that at times. But if you have read this far, chances are you have an inkling that something is going on. Have I hit a nerve? Does she tend to shower the minute she gets home? Does she buy sexy undies now when she didn't used to? Are those sexy undies revealing something "unusual" after being worn? Maybe you just need a caring ear to confess your fears to... or hopes?

My confessional booth is open.
Won't you step inside?

I am YOUR Sexual Confidant.

Let's discuss what is on your mind together. Sometimes it is good to just "let it all out" to a person outside the situation and get a new perspective. If you let me be that person, I can either help validate your suspicions, or put your mind at ease. Maybe you get turned on by the thought of your woman in the arms of another man. Maybe you would like to watch, or We can explore these thoughts together. Just be honest with yourself, and with me. Whether you need help opening your eyes, or exploring your fantasies, I am here for you. Let's explore the good and bad aspects of this thing we call "cuckold" together.

You don't have to feel guilt or shame here.

Tell me everything about you. Tell me the things you are afraid to tell anyone else. I am not here to judge, I am here to accept.

You can share with me:)

Maybe you just want someone to talk to who actually takes the time to LISTEN to what you have to say. If your woman can not provide you with the basic need for communication and flattery, let me try to ease the loneliness. This is all about YOU and YOUR needs. Don't be shy! I promise I don't bite. (unless asked nicely)

The more I learn about you, the better we can play! If you take the time to build something, you get better returns *_~

Ps... I giggle a lot<:O)

You are invited to the tea party if you so choose.

Want to know more about me and what I am looking for on Niteflirt? Read my home page and listings. Let's go down the rabbit hole together:)

In order to be helpful to others seeking someone to speak with, please leave rating and feedback. 5stars means you enjoyed our conversation, but please do not be afraid to make an honest assessment... I do not block callers for bad feedback.

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