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Domina Ava

Domina's Diary-Read & Experience TRUE Domination

~ Entry 1 ~

So, my filthy pantyslut Jimmy just had another session. He’s one of these pathetic, sniveling fuckers that just can’t get enough. No matter what I do, he always comes crawling back. Eager to do anything for my approval…I love it. He’s no different from all the others, though. I was gentle with him, probably because I’d been on a 4-day spa weekend in the city…paid for by one of my money-sluts, of course. I’ve got a lot of man-whores…but I digress. I let Jimmy in & before a word was spoken, I pushed him down to his knees…just because he brought gifts doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be humiliated. He’s kissing my feet & kissing my ass, stuttering about how nice it smells & how beautiful I am. He loves for me to make him pretty…if he’s an obedient bitch, sometimes I reward him with a pair of my panties. So he’s begging for a pair, but a piece of shit like him definitely needs to earn them, so I glance at the lit black fig & citrus candle on my stove & tell him to sit on his knees & take off his coat & shirt. I teased his nipple rings with my big toe & raised my right foot to his shoulder & pushed him down to face the floor. I told him he could raise his head & find his way into the next room. He looked back at me, so I kicked him & told him to turn around and crawl. I pushed his ass with my foot & started dripping the candlewax on his back. It’s always so satisfying to see the flinch. Once I’d gotten bored seeing him crawl & whine, I let him stand up & take off his pants. He was wearing the pastel green thongs I’d given him & they were filthy. He was so excited his pathetic cock was peeking out from the side. Disgusting little bastard. I can’t explain to you how much joy I get out of punishing his ass. I made him bend over like the whore he was & walked over by the window where my paddle was. I think he likes to hear it coming…the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor. Sometimes I make him stay like that while I walk around & question him. I beat him until his ass was red & he was sniffling & apologizing. He can’t get enough of getting that ass smacked. I once spanked him with a long, metal ruler and he had welts & purple bruises for weeks. I made him peel off his dingy thongs & gag himself with them. Just to tease him, I bent over to replace the paddle & bent over just enough so he could see a little bit of my panties. I walked over and asked him if he wanted the ones I had on. He nodded his head & I told him to get dressed as I took his hand and made him stuff the panties in a bit more with his finger. I took mine off and dangled them in front of his face, I didn’t give them to him, though.