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I can help you rebuild your self-confidence.

Feel as if you've missed "the best years" of your life?

You're not where you thought you would be at "this age"?

Alone? Or worse, wish you were?

I understand.

These eyes have seen a lot of life and what it can do to a man.

For decades, you've worked hard to provide for your family. You've succeeded in your career, your children are grown and gone, your wife is placid and content, your bank account comfortable.

Yet something isn't right...
Something just isn't THERE.
Something is missing.

Something important.


Somehow, the years have slipped by. Sure, they were good enough as they were happening-good to watch the children grow, good to watch the wife live a contented life, good to know you can live the rest of your life in financial ease (or close enough!)
But, where did YOU go? Who is seeing to YOUR comfort, to YOUR happiness, to YOUR fulfillment?
Who 'listens' to you and your life's needs?

What, you say?? NO ONE??

All too commonly, the strong man's needs are not being met. He doesn't want to appear 'weak' or 'unmanly'. And so, he keeps to himself, losing his self-confidence and faith in his abilities. Sound familiar?

Talk to ME.

I listen with an open heart, no judgements, no 'I told you so's'. I will remind you of places where you took the right road, the hard but necessary decisions made successfully, the sensual feelings you once had so strongly. Look into my ocean-blue eyes and know that I see your best parts, the parts that are still strong and manly and AGELESS.
Remember the hope of your youth.
Remember your dreams.
Remember the courage and the enthusiasm and zest for life that was part of you.
Come spend some time with me, well earned time, relaxing time, playful time. Together, we'll find you and we'll remember the REAL you that you had forgotten.
I guarantee you'll SEE with your own eyes the happy, fulfilled, successful and sexy man you know you are!