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This is our chill out line I don't do shit on this line by the time i get home Im tired as shit and just chilling I don't even talk most of the time I just sit here and watch TV! that's it I watch my BF play Video games sometimes I fuck him while we are there most of the time we just sit there and watch the news. We like to smoke My BF just got a new Hookah its big and Brass cool we like it, he makes blunts and and we smoke them. I go to work all day and my boyfriend stays home and just sits and plays videogames he will talk to you while he plays if you call during the day and if you want he will talk to you at night I'm just there this is basically a voyeur line that's why its cheap I thought it would be a good idea but like I said we don't get to freaky on this line its for guys that like to jack off while looking at a couple watch TV, chill, and smoke and do nothing. I have a wireless web cam it works good I'll move it around sometimes for you, so you can see the TV, when we may go to the kitchen maybe restroom but nothing explicit there. Like I said this is just a line to watch us listen to us bitch each other out kiss get mad do what ever you know. I don't care here at all I wont listen to you and what you say, so that means don't ask me to do SHIT cus it aint going down. like i said voyeurs are just there to watch what happens even if nothing happens you like to be used then that's what you get if you call during the day then you will only see my BF he's home all day as he works from home im home in the eve If you want to talk to someone who cares he will talk to you all you get from me is what ever I may do when I do it your lucky if I even tell your ass hi. I get home around five you'll see me walking around yelling at my BF that been sitting there all day if you watched him during the day you can let me know if he did shit at all other then play games cus he pisses me off so much with not cleaning shit. I like this because I just get paid for life as I live it so if your ready and willing to watch us live life the give us a call at this price you can stay on all day. oh yeah and by the way my BF walk around with out any cloths on sometimes so if that a problem sorry but though i would let you know I do sometimes too but most of the time i just have on a night gown or something.