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Minxy Mia

~Hypno Mia Will Make you Hers~

~Hypno Mia Will Make you Hers!~

Hypnosis can be a very powerful word. Just hearing the word can make your blood boil, your skin tingle, and your heart race. If you’re just curious about erotic hypnosis, and you’re looking to be forced under within 5 minutes, then you can check out some of my other listings. If you’re serious about being induced and taken under then this is the listing for you.

Mind control and hypnotic suggestion can mean very many different things to a variety of people. Some crave it to be taken into a deeply relaxed state. Others love the freedom it gives them to explore and live out certain taboo fantasies that they may have, that otherwise they might find hard to achieve. For some, it represents giving up all of their control over to a seductive Mistress who will take them to heights they never imagined possible. Many are addicted to hypnosis where their true secret selves can be brought out, to be manipulated, molded and shaped into what they desire to be, what they believe they truly should be, and what they secretly yearn to be. Many only experience these sensations via the powerful suggestion and mind control that hypnosis has to offer.

Do you have certain fantasies that when you think about them, they make your senses roil with how excited you become at the mere thought of entertaining them, yet the acts in themselves totally shame you into not delving into their secret taboo pleasures? Have you ever lusted after your bosses wife, craved the feeling of what silk panties would feel like against your hot flesh, cringed at your lewd thoughts about how you would love to ravish that pretty young thing behind the counter at your local market, tremble at the thought of some elixir rendering you a complete and utter slut? Perhaps you’re ready to explore these sinful erotic pleasures that you would never consider acting out in real life, yet ache and crave for, with the knowledge that a highly sexually charged hypnotic session can safely elicit all of your fantasies and hidden taboo desires, to a point where you become completely addicted to the senses aroused in you.

While I will induce you, and take you under during our session, you will need to keep in mind that I am not a mind reader. You will have to have the willingness to want to be tranced. You will have to share with me what you want and expect out of our session. You will have to entrust me with your deepest fears. You must have the motivation and the desire to let me enter the deepest crevices of your mind. And most importantly, you need to be ready for me to ask you questions to ensure that your session will be as fulfilling as possible.

Seeing that our sessions will only be carried out over the phone, it is important that you prepare in every way possible to ensure that our session will flow as fluidly as humanly possible. Make sure there are no distractions where you are. Try to darken the room as much as you can. Be in a reclining position. Try to have your hands free. Have with you what you would desire to play with (if so inclined) before you call. Make sure to have with you items that you prefer to concentrate on, if you’ve used them before. If you have previously implanted trigger words, you will need to share them with me.

Clarifying Some Myths About Hypnotism

Will I fall asleep while being hypnotized?

No, you will not. Even though you will enter a very relaxed state, it will not be the same as falling asleep.

Will I be forced to admit certain things that I do not want to share?

No, you will not. Even while in a trance, your mind will not let you speak about things that you truly do not wish to share. Hypnosis can help tap into what you are ready to explore only.

Will I embarrass myself and hop like a rabbit or quack like a duck?

Only if you go to a stage hypnotist, where their goal is to entertain the audience. Or if certain embarrassing acts are desired on your part, and that is your goal for a session.

Is it possible to become stuck in a trance indefinitely?

No, it’s not. My voice will be what’s keeping you under. As soon as you no longer hear my voice; you will slowly emerge into your normal state. The very worse thing that could happen would be where you might drift off into a light sleep for a couple of minutes, to then awaken to your normal self.

What if there is an emercengy while I am under?

You’ll respond in your normal way to it. You won’t be sleeping, or in a coma. You are conscious of everything around you, awake and alert.

Think that you cannot be hypnotized? Hypnotizability is the inborn talent you have for hypnosis that determines how deeply you will go into an altered state of consciousness during the hypnotic process. For just $4.99 you can take my hypnosis quiz to learn just how hypnotizable you really are!