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Lil Katie

I don't give a fuck about you...I just want your $


So give it up, bitches. I cream at the idea of bankrupting you.

Listen up, losers...I'm a bratty little bitch/princess and there's nothing I love more than lounging by the pool all day drinking pink lemonade. I know you want to cater to my every whim but before I'll even consider glancing your way you're going to have to pay up for the honor. You know the only reason I'd give you the time of day is because you pay me that cash, baby. You know I wouldn't waste my precious time talking to you unless you were helping me to afford the life I love. So c'mon and pay me, bitch.

I always get what I want and what I want is your cold, hard cash. Are you dominant? How fun would it be to try and tame me? Think you can make me take that hard cock and make you cum? You'd better be at the top of your game, baby. Otherwise, be prepared to get your wallet raped! All the girls hate me and I love it. I adore it that guys are scared to approach me. Want a taste of this bitchy princess's sweet pussy? PAY UP.

Pull out that wallet and pay this spoiled little princess but be prepared to cater to my every bratty whim!

My Wish List

Wanna see what you can never have? Pay up, bitch.

$10 Loser!