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Vicky from Texas

I offer myself for YOUR pleasure

Sir, i am a submissive woman. My purpose is for Your pleasure be used however You command. I wait patiently to hear Your strong words to guide me for Your pleasure.

I sit at Your feet, naked, with my head lowered. I have Your collar around my neck. I feel a tug of the leash which signals me to follow You to the wall....a wall You have prepared for me. You take each wrist that are bound with cuffs and raise them above my head. You attach the cuffs to a ring on the wall. You have covered my eyes so that I see nothing, but hear only the sound of Your voice. I feel a scarf tied around my mouth that will muffle the screams. You bind my breast with rope and I then feel the sting of the clamps placed tightly on my nipples. Then You face me to the wall.I beg You for more...PLEASE, Master. I feel another sharp sting on my backside as You whip me 3 times with a signal whip. The gag does not hold back my cries of pain...pain that is my pleasure.

I feel You place something at my cunt ...and then I feel electical shock go through my body which instantly makes me cum. I hear Your laughter ...and then I feel 3 more sharp stings from the whip. I disobeyed Your command. My body released cum when You told me not to. My screams fell on deaf pleases You to see my pain. My backside is covered with stripes from the whip. I lost count of the stings after the 20th time. My body is sweating...I need water. You finally release my wrists from the wall and I fall to the floor...not moving. I wake up to find me in Your arms comforting me, giving me drink. Thank You, Master

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