Phone Sex

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I am very sensual and very selective! Only the wealthiest, most worthless worm will do!

Worship Me!

Get down on your belly and crawl like the worthless, disgusting worm that you are. Stick out your ugly tongue and lick my expensive, designer shoes.

After you have honoured, adored and spoiled Me in the way I so “richly” deserve, and when I decide the time is right, I will reward your undying devotion. I will feed you, drop by drop by drop, the most powerful, expensive and addicting “drug” you have ever tasted in your worthless, miserable life…Me!

I will keep you perched helplessly on the edge of your addiction. You will spoil Me with gifts and money as you beg and grovel at My feet, hoping for even the smallest drop ofMe.
Your own needs and wants will become meaningless as you succumb to your voracious hunger and humbly plead to taste My delicious drug.

Open your wanton mouth and howl like the good little fuck dog that you are. LOUDER! LOUDER!! Maybe I will quiet you with a sniff of what you so desperately crave…maybe I won’t!
Tempt Me, convince me that you are worthy of even the smallest taste.

Hints of a cold smile cross My glossy red lips as I listen to your pathetic moans. I am not moved; I am busy counting the money that once was yours and now is Mine alone!

Breath in deeply, you worthless worm, unworthy slut. Inhale your addiction. I am your addiction and I don’t cum cheap. I am…

Mistress Shera!

I command you to call Me


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