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Princess turns you to MUSH and takes your MONEY$$$

Hello all you sweet boys. It's so nice that you want to spoil and pamper me. How did you know that I was the ultimate 'daddy's girl', sweet as can be and spoiled beyond words? I just can't help it. There's always something new and pretty and sparkly and sexy that I want. Don't you think I deserve to have it all? Of course you do ~giggle~ I think it's up to you to help in the effort to make sure that this sweet Princess has every little thing her heart desires.... and more ~s~

It's not that I'm mean or nasty, I'm actually very sweet and nice (with a little touch of evil now and then ~s~). But I know what I deserve and I know the kind of men that I really want. It's too bad that you don't quite 'measure up' ~giggle~ to my standards. I just can't help wanting only the best and that includes the guys I'm will to share my time with. I'm sure you can understand that.

Fortunately for you there are ways to get my attention other than being built like an Adonis. Since this Princess has such expensive tastes I'm willing to to accept a select few 'sugar daddies' to help pay for all the treats I need to keep me happy. It can get a little expensive at times so not every guy is going to have what it takes but this just can't be helped.

You do understand, don't you? How sweet! But I knew you would ~giggle~ I guess it's because I'm such a girl ~giggle~ From the top of my pretty Auburn head to the bottom of my perfectly pedicured toes and all that good stuff in between. What more could you want? I mean I don't want to sound conceited or anything but, I know that I have it going on with my beautiful breasts and curves in All the right places.~s~ And besides this beautiful face and voloptous body there's also my infectious laugh, adorable giggle and sparkling wit. Like I said, what more could you want in this entire world other than me?

No silly, of course you won't actually ever get to touch me...not unless you're an exceptionally good and incredibly generous boy. I mean I can't let you get too carried away, can I? ~giggle~ Besides, you're going to call me because you want to, not because I have to get all mean and nasty and make you do it. You see what a Princess I am and you know it's your duty to take care of me. If you're very lucky and behave well, I might just toy with you a bit, sometimes that can be loads of fun. And I do want you to know that I appreciate the lengths you're willing to go to for a bit of my attention ~smile~

But that attention comes at a price. You'll only see it when you do something special. Like buying me things (plural!) from my wish list and asking me to send you paid mail. I mean I shouldn't have to ask you, should I? Of course not. And my sweet boys know this. Princess Tina Marie should not have to concern herself with such things. Remember that!! ~giggle~

Look, the pictures aren't gonna start moving no matter how long you stare at them ~giggle~, so call now and tell me what you're willing to pledge for my attention. I can't wait to hear from you My dear Lady Tina Marie