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April Lyn


April Lyn

We can do this two ways MY WAY or NO WAY at all. I'm a very Spoiled Little Goddess so if you wanna be the one to spoil me or be my ATM SLUT then show me the $$$ and lots of it! I can be a real spoiled brat when I don't get my way and you don't want that do you. I know I'm hot and that I can use my looks to get whatever I wish. I know most men want me just for my looks, well that's ok because most men I only want for their money.

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Give me absolutely everything else this little perfect Princess deserves to have. Go ahead and pamper me. I'm a perfect little tease. You can't resist me so don't even try to. You want me happy don't you? Buy my little heart or at least try to. I want you to buy me nice things and pay for what I want. Give me what makes me happy. You know you wanna spoil me!

I'm your perfect hot little Princess. I will be your sweet new addiction. Go ahead and prove how much you adore me, want me, worship me, and make my every wish come true. Spend all your money on me because you know I am worth every cent of it and more. I welcome any and all men who wanna spoil me, wimps, pussy whipped boys, worms, losers , pin dicks and those pathetic money $$$ slaves who will never have me but I will take everything in your wallet. ATM SLUTS just hand over your cash, you don't need it.

Men just hand your money over to me because you crave my hot little body, and can't help looking at my pics all the time. You should be paying me to look at and admire me. You want more pics, it will cost you. I get so friggin hot taking your money. I drained the last ones accounts, who's next? He will be back once he sells some stuff to give me more money.

I don't care if you need money to buy yourself things, all I give a shit about is me and what I want and need. I come first always so know that and don't forget it. I'm laughing my ass off all the way to the bank. Remember that such Perfection doesn't come cheap and neither do I.

April Lyn April LynApril LynApril Lyn