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I also do web cam sessions as well!! Visit My website I live, I breathe Female Domination … controlling the male, training the male … humbling the male … it’s not just My right as a bright, beautiful Black Woman to rule the male, it’s My responsibility! To take a male in hand, to teach it its place in the world … in My world … Heaven. Pure unadulterated Heaven. My passion is to take a male and slowly,make it understand what lies beneath its silly, smug, shallow masculine persona … to see its expression as, it steps into frilly Feminine panties, and, clumsily, it slips smooth nylons up its thighs … as, its breath coming in rapid gulps, it feels a padded pink bra clasped tight around its chest. Masculinity. I’ve always known that it’s a mere construct … a societal invention. As My slaves learn when they ogle themselves in the mirror, unable to take their eyes off their padded pink bra, their frilly panties, their soft nylons. They’re seeing at one and the same moment both the trite, stale man they’ve wearied of and they’re seeing yet another man, one with limitless new possibilities stretching to the horizon. For suddenly, the bra and panties and stockings are not enough. Under my sensitive guidance, this man has begun at last to see a side of himself which he had futilely fought to repress, to hide from. I know all about the male of the species. I know all about its dual need to explore its Feminine self and to bury it. And, as a Nubian Goddess, I know just how to bring out, whether its sensual or sadistic. As he stares into the mirror, it’s no longer a tired pathetic male reflecting back, it’s a smart, elegant and stunning Woman; and she looks inviting, indeed. I am an Ebony Mistress who understands all the needs of the submissive male. And make no mistake, all men are submissive. The fact that so many are walking around and wreaking havoc because they don’t yet realize their submissive natures doesn’t mean that they aren’t submissive I also sell My used pantyhose, panties, golden necter/golden nuggets. If you have a request,feel free to ask.