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No Ordinary Diva

The Delima Of The Cocktail Weeny White Dick Loser!

I'm the goddess Janus and January is named after me. Cum join me in the celebration of the new year. Celebrate with me and have a prosperous and joyous year!

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A Size Queen And Her Stupid Ass Cuckold
Still A Stupid Ass Cuckold

It's such a delima when your cock just stops growing when you reach manhood! Your dick is sooo little eve when it gets hard. You know this isn't normal when you see all the big dicks in the locker room. What's a little dick loser to do? You find out when you get into the real world. Those self centered pretty bitches you want to fuck just look at you and laugh at you. They even call you a loser to your face. You then discover something fascinating, your little wee wee gets hard. You lay in bed thinking about that laugh and you just have to pull on that pathetic thing you call a dick. That's what I'm here for loser. Tell me all about it and I will reafirm the fact that you're a little dick weasel and that's all you'll ever be.