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I'm the goddess Janus and January is named after me. Cum join me in the celebration of the new year. Celebrate with me and have a prosperous and joyous year!

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I'm The Divine Ms Nemesis and I'm the only femdom goddess you will ever need. I bIieve in female supremacy and that we females are the true rulers and you men are born to serve us. Keep telling your self that you rule, it makes you feel like a man but we know better. Pussy will always rule over cock, get used to it loser. I'm at the top of the food chain and you're at the bottom where you where born to be looking up at me with that studip look on your face. That's what happens when you're born inferior to a superior goddess like me. I understand your frustration about being a inferior white male. Let's explore your dark desire to be ruled by a alpha female like me.